Buy Aliaxin GP Global Performance (2x1ml)online


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Buy Aliaxin GP Global Performance (2x1ml)online

Buy Aliaxin GP Global Performance (2x1ml)online ALIAXIN GP – Global Performance – Wrinkles, Volume, Touch-up Indications Ideal for treating the most common facial blemishes Glabellar wrinkles Nasolabial folds Marionette lines Improved volume in the cheek and chin zones 2 pre-filled syringes (1ml each) in a sealed blister pack 2 backstops 4 – 27 G needles 4 product traceability stickers 1 package insert Its persistence in tissue is the special feature of this formulation and it is capable of guaranteeing a long-lasting action and a good lifting effect for wrinkles.
This characteristic is obtained by altering the cross-linking grade of a mix of hyaluronic acids, with medium and high molecular weight.
Ideal for the treatment of localized beauty flaws and increasing the localized volume of those areas of the face which characterize its three dimensional nature.
Also suitable for medium term touch-ups for maintenance.
The gel has excellent viscosity and plasticity for user-friendly intradermal treatments which are well tolerated by patients.

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Buy Aliaxin GP Global Performance (2x1ml)online

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