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AQUAfilling® Bodyline allows every woman to reach their dreams.
To eliminate imperfect body shapes were widely used tissue fillers.

AQUAfilling® Bodyline use:
– Improve the breast shape
– Removal breast asymmetry
– Correction of postoperative chest deformities

It is also used to:
– Improved form of buttocks
– Increase the volume of buttocks
– Elimination asymmetry of buttocks



Buy AQUAfilling bodyline 100g   Volumizing filler for body contouring and plastic with long-lasting results.

Buy AQUAfilling bodyline 100g is a volumizing filler to be applied for body plastic and contouring (breast and buttock augmentation, correction of the defects of soft tissues).

It is an injectable hydrophilic gel composed of 97-98 % of 0,9% physiologic solution of sodium chloride and 2-3 % of polyamide.

Buy AQUAfilling bodyline 100g is recommended for application under the following indications:

Improve breast volume and shape under the terms of involutional alterations of mammary gland, accompanied by ptosis type 1,

  • Asymmetry of breast soft tissues,
  • Correction of the defects of breast soft tissues,
  • Correction of the shape and volume of buttock soft tissues,
  • Various buttocks irregularity, postoperative deformations,
  • Congenital buttocks disproportions, buttocks asymmetry,

“Thin” buttocks,

Correction of the defects of soft tissues of different aetiology after liposuction.

AQUAfilling bodyline 100g is injected into soft tissues according to the approved techniques with implantation needle G-16-18 or cannula. This is a mini-invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia with 0,25 % Lidocaine hydrochloride solution with minimal trauma for a patient: no scars, no cicatricial tissue, no incision. As a rule, a patient returns home the same day after the procedure. In 1 day after the procedure she/he can return to her/his social life. The post-operative period is painless and favourable.

The final aesthetic effect is observed on the seventh day after the procedure (after all effects of the small traumatic oedema disappear and after absorption of local anesthesia solution). The aesthetic effect last more than 5 years.

Contraindications for Aquafilling® bodyline

Buy AQUAfilling bodyline 100g is not to be applied for the patient who has:
  • blood coagulation troubles,
  • menstruation abnormalities,
  • severe general somatic diseases,
  • oncology,
  • intolerability or allergy to medicines,
  • skin infection or inflammatory diseases,
acute contagious diseases.

Only a doctor can draw conclusion if a desirable effect can be achieved in respect of anatomical peculiarities of the patient. And in her/his turn the patient can choose the technique of soft tissues correction.

Advantages of Buy AQUAfilling bodyline 100g application?

Mini-invasive procedure – return to social life in 1 day.
Natural look of soft tissues – unlike with prosthesis, contours are not visible and are not traced during palpation.
Long-lasting effect (more than 5 years).

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Buy AQUAfilling bodyline 100g

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