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Buy TendoVisTM online is a sterile, transparent 1% sodium hyaluronate solution, in a phosphate buffered saline solution and contained in a ready-to-use pre-filled syringe suitable for periarticular injection into soft tissues surrounding tendons and ligaments. minds. Hyaluronate sodium consists of a long polysaccharide chain composed of repeated disaccharide units, which are normally found in the human body.

TendoVisTM has a pH and a biocompatible osmolarity with soft tissues. 1.2 ml of TendoVisTM, sterilized by filtration, are contained in a disposable, ready-to-use glass syringe. The syringe is in turn contained in a blister packaged in a cardboard box.

– ankle sprain: 1.2 ml of TendoVisTM will be injected preferably within 48 hours of the trauma and the second 1.2 ml injection will be performed within 2-3 days of the first; a 27 G needle is recommended. Periarticular injections should be performed through a single site of insertion of the needle along the talo-fibular ligament using anatomical references. The injection will be performed following 3 planes: from the antero-posterior, median and lateral to the proximal ligament.

– Lateral epicondylitis: an injection of 1.2 ml of TendoVisTM in the area of ​​the lateral epicondyle of the elbow, followed by an injection one week after the first; a 27 G needle is recommended. Identify the softest point of the epicondyle by lightly palpating. Place the needle at 45 degrees at the point of maximum pain in the lateral epicondyle. After inserting the needle into the skin, place it parallel to the skin and insert it in the point of maximum pain in the lateral epicondyle. Inject half of the contents during retraction of the needle, but without removing it from the injection site. Rotate the needle 180 degrees (opposite direction) and insert the needle parallel to the skin towards the point of maximum pain in the lateral epicondyle. Inject the remaining contents while retracting the needle outward. Remove the needle from the insertion point on the skin. Flex and extend the elbow five times and then rotate it internally and externally five times.

– rotator cuff tendinopathy: an injection of 1.2 ml of TendoVisTM into the subacromial space of the shoulder just above the tendon, followed by a second injection after 14 days; a 22 G needle is recommended. Sit the patient in an upright position, arm extended and externally rotated. It is recommended to use an ultrasound probe placed on the lateral side of the shoulder directed in the supraspinatus tendon plane, to guide the injection. Locate the acromion, major tubercle, head of the humerus and subacromial fissures. Introduce the needle into the 1 cm distal to the posterior distal and 2 cm to the ante-acromial lateral edge. Advance the needle horizontally and in a medial direction partly under the acromion process. When you feel no resistance of the plunger inject TendoVisTM over the head of the humerus into the subacromial space being careful not to inject into the tendon.

Active Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid for intratendinous use

Number of syringes / ampoules per box: 1

Product content per syringe / ampoule: 1.2 ml

Origin: Fermentation

Number of injections per cycle: 2

Product type: Medical Device

Indication by IFU: TendoVisTM is intended to relieve pain and optimize the restoration of tendons and ligaments damaged by acute or chronic lesions. TendoVisTM sodium hyaluronate increases sodium hyaluronate naturally present in the soft tissues surrounding damaged tendons and ligaments and provides support, lubrication and hydration to the affected site thus providing the ideal environment for healing damaged tissue. TendoVisTM has been shown to relieve pain and optimize restoration of ankle function after first or second degree sprain, to relieve chronic pain and elbow disability with lateral epicondylalgia and to alleviate pain in symptomatic patients with rotator cuff tendinopathy .

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